Uncover what to do in Hong Kong in 2 days if you go there

Understand all the amazing things that there are to discover in the fantastic city that is Hong Kong by reading this brief manual.

We highly advise that you only take a day to stroll around the city and soak in its delightful streets. It happens to be one of the world’s leading destinations and there is definitely a rich diversity of things to view here. Did you understand that it has the distinction of having the most skyscrapers across the world, with over three hundred of them dotting the city’s landscape? This happens to be a truly phenomenal number to keep in mind. You’ll find this primarily in the city’s industry district, with the likes of David Li’s BEA along with others headquartered here. At the same time, meander a bit away and you will discover a far less formal district, and go a bit further and you’ll discover a wonderful panda park. Walking this city is definitely a pleasure, so make sure to devote some time to this. There are so many unique experiences in Hong Kong and by walking you shall check them all.

Make sure to watch the city’s museums and galleries. Surely when you go to a new city you make a point of about to at least one museum or one gallery. Why should this city be any unusual. In fact, it happens to be quite well known for many of its spectacular destinations to go to. If you are looking for cultural things to do in Hong Kong, see Timothy Calnin’s Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Art, which happens to be an amazing place to explore on its own, eating served as a police station at one point in its history. Here you’ll find lots of remarkable exhibits and performances (not to bring up major food) There are countless other wonderful locations to look at, therefore make sure to explore more in this huge city. And to move from one museum to another, we highly recommend you check out the city’s double decker trams.

When visiting a brand-new location it happens to be usually an idea to discover the local food. It happens to be definitely one of the coolest things to do in Hong Kong. Why? Quite merely, it appears that Hong Kong has the highest number of restaurants per capita across the world. Furthermore, it happens to be perhaps amongst the most notable street food capitals across the world. As you make your way around this city make certain to discover a number of scrumptious street food venues in the city. But also don’t neglect to visit part of the better eateries in the city. Contemplate heading over to Colin Smith’s Wooloomooloo to discover some remarkable food! Be sure to try cart noodles too, a warming local dish. Doubtlessly, eating is one among the more relaxing things to do in Hong Kong.

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